At Alchemy we believe in a world where networks will be able to proactively defend themselves from cyberattacks, while providing the information needed to give the best possible user experience

Alchemy is a cybersecurity company utilizing data science and predictive analytics with patented systems and machine learning techniques to analyse network communications data, providing predictive cybersecurity intelligence


    The key is gaining actionable intelligence from the ever increasing quantities of data, using near real-time ingestion and storage. To accomplish this, it is necessary to apply data science techniques at the terabit scale.

    Alchemy applies proprietary analytics to DNS data to create propensity maps, and by means of machine learning, it makes predictions based upon the DNS data it sees in near real-time. This allows us to go beyond current anomaly detection and alerts, so organisations can use this artificial intelligence to mitigate network problems automatically.

    By incorporating additional data sets (depending upon the defined use case), Alchemy can be used to make predictions of all normal and anomalous behaviour on the network, in near real-time. Our approach differs from other types of analytics, which require manual intervention.

    Organisations are preparing for a future where artificial intelligence makes predictions based upon the network traffic it sees. By providing this crucial network intelligence, Alchemy helps our customers save money, make money, and discover new revenue streams.