Alchemy's predictive analytics on network traffic data can be used to improve network efficiency and security while providing better quality of experience

Alchemy is a data science and predictive analytics company with patented systems and machine learning techniques to analyse network communications data, giving communications service providers predictive network intelligence.

As network usage increases so does traffic volume, and a lot more network data is generated. New network analytics products are coming on to the market all the time.

The key is gaining actionable intelligence from the increasing quantities of data, using near real-time ingestion and storage. It is necessary to apply data science techniques, at the terabit scale.

Currently network operators are unifying flow records, BGP, and GeoIP. Alchemy applies data analytics to DNS data to deliver a behavioural traffic map, where propensity maps of clusters emerge, in addition to the visualization of network traffic that other analytics tools currently show. This is a unique value-add that Alchemy Data provides.

Alchemy uses these clusters as training sets for machine learning, in order to classify the clusters. Letting the machine make predictions based upon the DNS data it sees in near real-time, allows us to go beyond anomaly detection and alerts. Network operators can use this Artificial Intelligence to mitigate network problems automatically, as opposed to handling them manually using analytics.

Network operators are preparing for a future where Artificial Intelligence makes predictions based upon the network traffic it sees. By providing this crucial network intelligence, Alchemy helps our customers save money, make money, and discover new revenue streams.