Use AI to transform network data into actionable intelligence

As Internet usage increases so does traffic volume, which constantly generates more and more network data. If analysed effectively, this data can become a valuable resource to the network operator.

User behaviour is becoming increasingly focused on mobile devices and apps, Network Operators face greater operational challenges than ever. Growing demand and increasing content consumption on the part of subscribers, creates challenges in the face of disruptive competition from OTT services. Alchemy provides predictive analytics on real-time Internet traffic data, to reveal hidden data intelligence for the purpose of creating network efficiencies.

Alchemy’s proprietary algorithms and machine-learning are applied to the live stream of Internet traffic data. This predictive intelligence within the network enables you to predict trends and behaviour patterns. Giving you answers by showing you to how to use reliable data intelligence to solve problems. Delivering transformational solutions to pressing business problems.


Going beyond current predictive analytics tools, Alchemy applies artificial intelligence to your your data so you can understand outcomes and implications in real time. Making decisions more reliable and solving problems automatically.

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Would you like to see all of the bad actors in a cyberattack?

Security is a growing concern as the Internet of Things is expected to grow to 20 billion connected devices in 2017. Any unauthorised access to the increasing network of devices will be a fear that is too familiar as the Internet of Things connects all around us. Facing the dangers of having home networks invaded, connected vehicles remotely hacked, or experiencing a Smart City under attack, are likely to become ever present threats. 

Cyberattacks are known to have cost far in excess of $400 billion last year, according to The World Economic Forum. Governments, law enforcement and security service providers are having to increase efforts to prevent cyberattacks and identify the perpetrators. And the problem continues to grow exponentially, with industry sources estimating the annual cost to rise to $6 trillion by 2021. 

Cyber criminals have formed organised networks, that experts believe will soon be using artificial intelligence to launch global crime waves. To fight this epidemic of cybercrime, we believe that security products and services need to become smarter – faster.

Unlike other cybersecurity tools currently available, with Alchemy’s technology damage can be prevented without disrupting the network. Our technology is scalable and is applicable to any network including Enterprises and Government. By analysing Internet traffic on any network, our technology delivers unsupervised artificial intelligence that can be used in the following ways:

Attack Intelligence: Alchemy can identify malware including botnets, phishing, DDoS and more. Currently there is no tool on the market that is able to pinpoint malware command and control (C2)  without extensive human analysis. Alchemy is able to detect where malware C2 nodes are located via analysis of DNS logs with machine learning. 

This detection enables mitigation and blocking of malicious nodes.   Alchemy’s unique capabilities include proactively finding security threats, without human intervention, so that attacks can be detected, blocked, and mitigated. 

Depending on customer infrastructure, blocking can be achieved at the network edge through Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPSs), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs), Firewalls, or external third-party services such as DDoS protection services.

User Communications Intelligence: Alchemy's predictive analytics applications work across any Internet connected device providing communication maps between devices, emails, websites, and Apps. Patterns of all movements, on any device connected to the Internet, can be analysed and mapped by Alchemy for the purpose of actionable intelligence.

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