For the past 20 years the Alchemy team have been building technology start-ups, generating revenues based on Internet Service Provider traffic data, as well as creating ground breaking technologies and patents that change the way the Internet industry operates. The team's experience includes:

  • Building technology and services companies from the ground up
  • Servicing operators by monetizing their network data (Founder built a business that generated approx. $89 million in revenue)
  • A multitude of in-house language capabilities to service International markets
  •  In depth technical experience and skills
  • Decades of experience building Internet technologies




Developer of the Alchemy patented technology and serial entrepreneur, Alan has multiple successes in patenting and spotting opportunity for Internet technologies, leading a team of developers in building solutions and successfully taking products to market. He has founded multiple businesses in the Internet and Domain Name space since 1997. One was sold to Verisign.

Alan founded the first company to provide redirection services to the Internet Service Provider and Network Operator market and boasted revenues of over $89 million.




Sarah's extensive management experience has revolved around delivering enterprise-wide solutions to the Internet and technology industries. Sarah has worked with many Fortune 500s helping them to implement growth programs, as well as build and develop business teams within new technology sectors.

Sarah has experience delivering Business Intelligence solutions to both the public and private sectors, helping global organisations leverage their data advantage. Her abilities to manage international teams, along with her skills in implementing strategic business relationships and her operational expertise, make her an asset to Alchemy's partners. B.A.  




Scott brings 18 years of extensive security architecture and engineering expertise in both private and public sectors. Including software engineering, hardware reverse engineering, computer forensics, computer network attack, exploitation and defense, systems engineering and security consulting.

He has advised top banks, energy, security agencies and healthcare clients around the globe to mitigate, secure and protect their global infrastructures. Scott brings deep Internet security insight as well as critical relationships within the cyber security communities.




Serial entrepreneur and CEO in technology and marketing industries. Articulate, multi-lingual visionary able to identify future cross-market movements and quickly address commercial opportunities. Jennie-Marie understands how to build and sustain mission critical and strategic relationships and can communicate as effectively with engineers as  with executives.

Jennie-Marie is a seasoned business strategist, executive leader and technical product marketer with extensive International media and enterprise business development experience. After a successful career in sales and marketing with major technology firms such as Neustar & Microsoft subsidiary FAST Search and Transfer, Jennie-Marie founded a Craigslist-like start up in Scandinavia, followed by DomainDiction, a digital marketing agency in the domain name sector. MBA Strategy and Finance.



Software Engineering

Frank is a software and systems engineer with 20 years experience at all levels of the software development lifecycle, as well as systems architecture through implementation.  He specialises in taking ideas from the abstract "wouldn't it be cool if..." to delivered products.

Frank's experience has spanned military weapons systems development, government security agencies, as well as the development of commercial products.  Frank has an M.S. in Computer Science and an M.S. in Systems Architecture and Engineering.




Hugo has held a broad range of roles that include Investor Relations, CFO and CEO of a diverse range of tech start-ups in both Internet and Telco fields. Hugo also has experience with the science of data from his time with Merrill Lynch as financial analyst.

Hugo has previously worked with the founders of Alchemy as CFO of DomainDiction, a digital marketing agency in the domain name sector. MBA, Finance and BSc, Math and Computing Science.



Business Development

Klaus brings 25 years of experience with Telco partnerships, leadership and business development. He has built and managed accounts amounting to $300 million and has an extensive network of relationships at the highest levels of Telco executives. He has start-up experience working alongside Alchemy Founder Alan Sullivan growing Paxfire to $89 million in sales - monetizing Internet traffic data.

Klaus has worked for global leaders such as AT&T and Vodafone as well as with the Digital Advertising community as Head of Technology for German Ad Delivery for the IAB (International Advertising Bureau). Klaus is fluent in German, Spanish and English. MBA. 



Data Science

Michael is a visionary data scientist and applied for multiple patents with Alan, Alchemy's inventor. He specializes in machine learning and multilingual natural language processing and has a great ability to find creative solutions for a wide variety of data mining and analysis problems.

Michael is able to take a concept, develop the mathematical models and execute that theory in real code with a specific applications. M.A., Computational Linguistics, B.S., Applied Mathematics & Biology.